The South Wales Argus is urging people to eat, drink, buy and shop local to help make sure the local traders across Newport and Gwent survive the inflation and cost of living crisis.

Everyone is seeing their bills rise as inflation soars. Your shopping bill, energy bill, petrol costs will all have gone up sharply this year as inflation has hit levels we haven’t seen for a long time.

Most people are finding it hard and having to cut back or make different spending decisions.

We’re not urging you to spend anything that you can’t afford. We all have to budget and plan sensibly.

But local businesses are the lifeblood of our communities across Gwent. They provide jobs, of course, but so much more. They are the places where our communities come together, interact and connect.

We have seen local businesses close in recent weeks, particularly in the hospitality sector.

It’s in all our interests that these local businesses are still here six months or two years from now. The Government has announced additional support for businesses on energy bills, but what our local traders really need is customers.

That’s why our Back Our Businesses campaign is calling for people to shop, eat, drink and buy local.

When you can afford to go out, if you are looking for presents, or to treat yourself, or if your business needs to buy services, do so by supporting the local businesses that are a part of the community and that you want to ensure remain so for many years to come.

For our part, we’ll be talking to local businesses in the coming days and weeks to share their stories, find out how they are coping or indeed succeeding despite the economic backdrop.

And we are inviting local businesses who have offers, discounts and promotions that give terrific value to customers to tell us about them and we’ll publicise them. To do so, fill in the form on the bottom of this article.

Newport and wider Gwent is full of people who support one another through challenging times. Local businesses are at the centre of those communities, let’s give them our support.