A CWMBRAN brewery has stopped production of its usual beers to raise money for Ukraine through its new Hop for Hope creation.

Fox One Brewing was launched in 2020 by friends Daniel Allen-Boyland and Michael Bishop.

The brewery – based at Springvale Industrial Estate – has launched a new beer to raise funds to support those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Fox One’s Brewing’s Hop for Hope beer.

“It’s about trying to do something about it,” said Mr Allen-Boyland, who left the army in 2020.

“What’s happening is terrifying, and on such a large scale. I still have friends in the army and they are on high alert. And it’s only going to get worse and worse.

“Listening to a first-hand account from our amazing artist [Lenase Menkova] being evacuated to Prague – she didn’t know where she was going when she got on the train.

“We are a small business, but you don’t have to be big to make an impact. We can all do something to help out.

“We’re going to sell the beer, and then contact the Ukrainian embassy to ask where the money will be best donated.

“We want to get it out quickly so people can get the money quickly. Day by day things are escalating. I don’t want to be in a position where we’ve raised the money but it’s too late to help.

“It’s worth more than trying to make some money.”

The Hop for Hope beers will raise money to support those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Hop for Hope beer is described as “a light, clear and peaceful 3.7 per cent ale”.

“It’s a super light beer so nothing too complicated and it hopefully appeals to everyone,” said Mr Allen-Boyland.

“Our label showcases not only the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag but also highlights Ukrainian culture.

“I contacted Lenase when we started up as I loved her artwork, and asked if she would design our labels. We wanted all our beers to have different characters.

“She’s a key component for us. When I said we wanted to do a beer for Ukraine, she whipped this up in five days while living in a flat in Prague with five other families.”

The brewery launched in 2020, with Mr Allen-Boyland and Mr Bishop working alongside their jobs with the Welsh Ambulance Service and as a teacher respectively.

The idea to brew their own beers started from a conversation in the pub, and in just two years, the business was named as a finalist in both the ‘Best Business Specialist’ and ‘Best New Business’ categories at the 2022 Best of Welsh Business Awards.

Fox One Brewing’s range of beers, having launched in 2020.

“Things are getting better and better and getting bigger and bigger,” said Mr Allen-Boyland. “I think it’s pretty cool for a team of two.

“We were finalists in two categories at the Best of Welsh Business awards. Just to be a finalist is pretty cool.

“We have also won bronze for our Speakeasy Cwmbran at the London Beer Competitions. It’s a big achievement, especially for our first beer.”

You can find out more about the beer, or how you can support the Hops for Hope appeal, at foxonebrewing.co.uk.


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