A law firm set up in Monmouth in 1997 has moved to new offices near Pontypool.

Curtis Legal Solicitors has moved to a new base at Mamhilad Park Estate.

The firm, which prides itself on being modern and progressive, has a pioneering business model which helps families fund funeral costs.

Simon Jenkins, director at Curtis Legal, said: “We often meet people who have lost loved ones and are seeking legal and financial guidance, particularly when it comes to funding their loved one’s funeral.

“When losing someone, the last thing clients need to be worrying about is money, which is why we fund their loved one’s funerals with no interest. All we ask is that our clients agree that we’ll be reimbursed when funds are available. In addition, our service is fixed-fee so our clients can be safe in the knowledge that there won’t be any additional charges.”

The business model has proven to be a great success for both the clients and the firm, allowing Curtis Legal to expand its business and invest in a bigger premises and new case-management systems.

The firm recently appointed Mr Jenkins’ wife, Rhiannon Jenkins, as a director of the firm.

He said: “Along with investing in new premises and providing our clients with a unique and pioneering probate service, Rhiannon joining has further strengthened our offering, bringing on board her 25 years of legal expertise alongside a fresh and modern perspective.”