TRANSPORT for Wales have teamed up with TrawsCymru to enable customers to travel between south Wales and Aberystwyth with a single rail ticket, saving both money and time.

The partnership has launched integrated ticketing on TfW rail journeys from south Wales and Aberystwyth, and TrawsCymru’s T1 bus service that connects Carmarthen with Aberystwyth via Aberaeron and Lampeter, with additional stops for non-integrated ticket bus only customers between Carmarthen and Aberystwyth.

Instead of customers needing to access different websites and apps to purchase tickets for travel across the different transport modes, they will now be able to buy a single ticket that will cover both the TfW and TrawsCymru T1 elements of their journey from the TfW website, app and selected station ticket offices.

Head of Commercial Strategy for TfW, Chris Williams, said: “We know that customers want to travel to their destinations as easily, as quickly and as cheaply as possible, with minimum fuss.

“Working with TrawsCymru we are able to deliver this for customers who want to travel in either direction between south Wales and Aberystwyth.

“These joined up services will not only benefit customers wanting to save time and money on their journeys, but it will also benefit local communities and businesses.

“It also contributes to our commitments around climate change by promoting better

and improved public transport.”

Gethin George, of TrawsCymru, said: “This is the first integrated ticketing pilot between bus and rail here in Wales and a great opportunity to deliver time and cost savings to passengers travelling along this route.”

Travelling from south Wales to Aberystwyth, customers will start their journey on TfW services to Carmarthen, transfer to the TrawsCymru T1 bus service at Carmarthen and continue their journey on to Aberystwyth via bus.

Travelling from Aberystwyth to destinations in south Wales, customers will start their journey on the TrawsCymru T1 bus services to Carmarthen, transfer to their chosen TfW service at Carmarthen and continue on to their destination.  

Customers will also now be able to start or end their journey at T1 bus stops in Aberaeron and Lampeter.