During the summer, DJ & P Newland Rennie – a well-established multi-disciplined company offering services in Chartered Surveying, Estate Agency, and Planning – advanced into a new chapter with a brand relaunch.

The two firms, David James & Partners and Newland Rennie first merged in 2017 to create DJ & P Newland Rennie, and now five years later they have combined once again to create David James.

Anton Williams, who has been with the company for eight years, is the newly appointed manager of their Chepstow Branch. 

Anton said: “I first started as an apprentice estate agent in 2014 within DJ & P’s Old Sodbury branch, then three years later I transferred to Chepstow when the two companies first merged.

‘I get such a great feeling when I let our clients know we do so much more than just buying and selling,’ Anton Williams

“When I first joined, I instantly knew that this would be a great company to work for, as every team member was so welcoming and open about sharing their knowledge and experience of the industry.

“I quickly learned that it was not just about being an estate agent, as there were so many different assets within our services that we could offer people, such as surveying and planning.

“I get such a great feeling when I let our clients know we do so much more than just buying and selling, it can be a great relief for some people knowing we can take care of additional needs that they would usually have to go elsewhere.

“During the past eight years I’ve been very fortunate to be surrounded by a fantastic team who share the same passion and are genuinely interested in property – I think is a true testament to the company’s success – we work incredibly hard to achieve the best outcomes for both our home buyers and home sellers.

“The company is always moving forward. We had to adapt due to the restrictions of the global pandemic, which has now made virtual tours common place. Anyone in the country can now view a house for sale at their leisure. And I have no doubt we’ll be doing virtual reality tours within the next decade too.

“Ultimately, David James provides a specialist and personalised service for town and country property owners, landowners, farmers, and other professional advisors. Our six offices cover south east Wales and south west England, with properties showcased for sale from different regions within different branches, simply put houses for sale in Wales will feature in England and vice versa.

“We will always go above and beyond for our clients, and we are always just a telephone call away if you need us.”

So, if you’re in the market for either buying or selling a property, simply contact Anton and his team at Chepstow or one of the other David James’ offices for more information on how they can help you. It’s friendly and professional team is always happy to provide advice and offer expert knowledge.


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